Batch SP

cd /var/www/
git clone git://
git clone git://
drush -u 1 en islandora_batch islandora_book_batch

git clone git://
drush -u 1 en islandora_datastream_crud

CRUD Example:

cd /var/www/

drush -u 1 -v islandora_datastream_crud_fetch_pids --collection=ismar:testdwc --pid_file=~/PID/pids.txt
cat ~/PID/pids.txt

drush -u 1 -v islandora_datastream_crud_fetch_datastreams --pid_file=~/PID/pids.txt --dsid=RELS-EXT --datastreams_directory=~/DS/
ls ~/DS/


Edit datastream carte_3_RELS-EXT.rdf. Add new file carte_3_DWC.xml. Then update object.

drush -u 1 -v islandora_datastream_crud_push_datastreams --datastreams_source_directory=~/DS --datastreams_crud_log=~/crud.log

DWC datastream pushed to object carte:3                                                                [ok]
RELS-EXT datastream pushed to object carte:3                                                           [ok]
Command dispatch complete                                                                                 [notice]


cd /var/www/

drush -v -u 1 --uri= islandora_book_batch_preprocess --namespace=volumi --parent=ismar:volumi --content_models=islandora:bookCModel --type=directory --target=/home/user/bsa/toingest
drush -v -u 1 --uri= islandora_batch_ingest

drush -v -u 1 --uri= islandora_batch_scan_preprocess --content_models=islandora:sp_large_image_cmodel --parent=hthuret:root --parent_relationship_pred=isMemberOfCollection --type=zip --target=/home/user/
drush -v -u 1 --uri= islandora_batch_ingest
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